Time to cozy up on those Autumnal evenings



We all deserve a treat now and again, it does not have to be expensive but it does need to be luxurious.  This is the exact ethos that we at Junes Candles stick to rigidly when sourcing our products.

Our business started in Coventry Indoor Market in 2010 where we initially started selling candles and incense, some of which are still our biggest sellers today. It soon became clear that in the recession ridden time of 2010 that customers were still intent on treating themselves to small luxury items. Over the following years our range increased to cater for our customers needs, always with the ethos of keeping the price reasonable whilst maintaining the luxury aspect.

2018 saw the opening of our new business, “La Barre de Chocolat”. Run on the same principle of Junes Candles, Quality Artisan chocolate at a sensible price.

Both businesses have now finally come together on this website where you can choose at your leisure for your personal pleasure.

If you are in Coventry, then why not pay us a visit in Coventry Market, our hours of opening are:

Monday to Friday, 9 am – 4 pm
Saturday, 9am – 5 pm